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2008-07-17 07:32 pm

30,000 Woolongs and a Bucket of Paint.

Fandom: Cowboy Bebop
Prompt: linebyline's Transient Beauty, also Fandom100's Green.
Author's note: This may be the longest fanfic I've written yet. *sweatdrop* One day. One day I'll write more than this measly amount!! >_>
Word count: 687
Summary: It's days like this when Spike wonders whether it costs more to get the job done, or just forget it. Well, that's life on the Bebop for you.

Faye grinned, and Spike knew she was totally bullshitting them. )
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2008-01-16 04:13 pm

[insanejournal.com profile] 15_minute_fic Word # 5

Title: What She Sees
Fandom/original: Bleach
Characters: Ishida Uryuu
Rating: G
Word count: 302

Just a little insight on Ishida. Spur of the moment, didn't have manga handy for quotes, so I took the liberty to ad-lib his dialogue instead of going by what was ACTUALLY said. I only had 15 minutes to write it, so please be kind. ^^;

If you participate in this activity too, then be warned that the prompt word is behind the cut.

Word # 5 )